Finding out that your spouse has been unfaithful can feel like the world is ending.

The professional counselors here at can help you find the clarity in your confusion. We can comfort you through your pain, and we can help you see hope for your future. We can help as you heal.

The unique things about is that our professional counselors post content that is available to anyone to read, for free. Our membership is also free.

The professionals affiliated with have real clinical experience working with individuals recovering from infidelity in their relationships. We commit ourselves to helping people in your situation recover and thrive. While some of our services and publications require fees, most information on this website can be accessed for free. This includes podcasts, the forum, downloadable forms and articles, live support via telephone, and samples of the resources we have for sale.

One of those resources is a book and workbook combination packet aimed at guiding both parties in a relationship harmed by infidelity back towards healing. The sample chapter is available as a download. The packet includes a 15-chapter book with a companion workbook including worksheets for each person in the relationship. The packet is sold as a PDF, an Amazon Kindle book, or a soft-cover printed set. Each purchase of the packet includes free downloads of several other helpful resources.

You can trust us. We know what it feels like to heal. We can help you feel it, too.

Here’s what some of our previous customers have said about

“I couldn’t possibly overstate how crucial has been to my own marriage and our process of recovery. I think the marriage would have ended without the help we received. Other online sources of support are so saturated with anger and negativity that I was headed in the wrong direction.”

“I was certainly on a self-centered path. I did a lot of damage to the ability my wife and had to move forward in the recovery process. The resources at set us on a much better path, which I definitely feel has us moving back in the proper direction.”