Recognizing a Good Partner
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Recognizing a Good Partner

Whether you are with someone or still searching for a good partner in life, it is important to know what to watch for to find someone good. It can be tough to know what makes a good partner, so we have compiled a list to help you out. Read on to know what traits are signs of a good partner.

  • Ignores Past Mistakes – Good partners are able to put the past into perspective without constantly bringing things up that serve no value in the present. This means your past will not be used against you by a good partner.
  • No Comparing – A good partner realizes that every new person you date has both strengths and weaknesses so they refrain from comparing you to an ex. This is important for both people in a relationship.
  • Give and Take – A good partner is very aware that both partners need to make an effort. Relationships are about balance, give and take, or there will be a problem.
  • Alone Time – A good partner will understand when they and you need space or a time out. A healthy relationship requires interests outside the actual relationship because too much time together can be suffocating. Balance is necessary.
  • Communication – A good partner will make good communication a high priority. Most issues can be solved if communication skills are strong. Speaking openly and knowing that the other person will listen and treat you with respect is vital for a long relationship.
  • Uncomplicated – Game playing is problematic, so a good partner will be able to speak about any issues with integrity instead of some passive-aggressive game.
  • Tuned-In – A good partner knows their partner’s love language and offers this to them as often as possible.
  • Light Hearted – A sense of humor is key in a good relationship because exchanging a laugh often can keep everyone happier.
  • Reasonable – A good partner maintains realistic expectations for their other half. We all make occasional mistakes and a good partner will be okay with this without having a double standard for themselves.
  • Self-Aware – A good partner understands when they are projecting and be able to reign things back in to build even further enlightenment.
  • Optimistic – A true partner maintains positive expectations and focuses on the good. Focusing only on the negative in a relationship can cause it to fail.
  • Self-Responsibility – A good partner does not expect their partner to be their only source of happiness. We all create our own sense of happiness and while a partner is a bonus, they are not the only source.
  • Not Abusive, Controlling, or Manipulative – A true partner will respect their other half and not abuse them, try to control them, or embarrass them purposely in front of others.
  • Generous – A partner shows empathy while working with you as a teammate. It is not all about either of you fully. They are happy to share their time and resources when needed.
  • Dependable – Reliability and responsibility are always important in a partner, especially in times of crisis.
  • Supportive – A good partner will encourage you to be the best you and will not feel threatened when you succeed.
  • Effort – A partner understands that a strong relationship requires work and they are willing to commit to that work.
  • Honest/Trustworthy – A good partner would never cheat and says what they mean, even when it is painful to do so.
  • Saying Sorry – A true partner is self-aware enough to apologize if they have done something wrong.
  • Best Friend – A true partner is also a best friend. Friendship can be the glue for a relationship during the tough times and form a foundation for the long-term.

All humans cannot be the best or even good partners all the time. However, he or she will possess the majority of the qualities listed most of the time. A good partner knows who they are and wants to give of themselves to others.

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