Dating in the Midst of Quarantine
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Dating in the Midst of Quarantine

Most people think about dating as going on a picnic or going to the movies. Most people don’t think of dating as a zoom code or having a virtual meeting.  But, when you are dealing with long distance or even quarantine, dating in person is not always an option.

Of course, dating online will never replace actual dating but there are things that you can do in a long-distance relationship that can help you to make it through until you can be with the person you love. The dates won’t be normal like going somewhere together but they can still be fun. The great thing is that online dating or virtual dating is something that can become more normal.

One thing to remember is that the virtual dates aren’t supposed to be an interview, they are supposed to help you to feel like you are with your date and that you are trying new things to spend “time” together.

Here are some of the best dating ideas that you can try virtually:


Take time to go for a walk. Not just you, but your cell phone. You can FaceTime your partner and go on a hike while taking them with you.


Some people choose to cook the same meal. They can do it via video, or they can record themselves doing it. When doing it virtually though, you can measure out the ingredients together and laugh while you work your way around the kitchen.

Movie Time

There are apps that allow you to synch your movies with someone else. You can choose Teleparty, or you can even just watch the same movie. Call each other and press play at the same time.

Double Date

A long-distance relationship can be hard and if you feel lonely, add people to your video chat. Call your friend and ask them to come and sit with you while you talk to your partner on video.

Enneagram Testing

You can find ways to have more conversation by taking a virtual Enneagram. This is a personality test that allows you to see how you view things. This can be done with your partner so that you can see what they think about life as well.

Museum Trip

The virtual world allows you to go almost anywhere in the world. You can do this with your partner, and you can even visit a museum. Try the Van Gogh Museum that allows you to see the museum without leaving your home.


If you want to feel good, you can work out. This will make your endorphins work and cause your body to feel more fit. Not only can you work out, you can also work out with your partner. Turn on the video and do some pushups together or livestream the same classes.

Make Art

Another fun thing that you can do at the same time is art. You can order different art crafts and send one to your partner. Once the art comes, you can do these projects at the same time on video.

Start the Day Out Right

One of the best ways to start your day is to drink coffee with your favorite person. This can allow you to check in with your partner while enjoying your morning brew.

Watching Concerts

Do you love to listen to music? You can listen to a concert or purchase something on television that you can watch together. Some people will pull up older concerts on YouTube and stream them.

Virtual Games

There are some games that you can play virtually with someone else. There are some game sites like Jackbox Games that allows more than one player to play the games online together.

Enjoy a Drink

Make yourself a cocktail and have your partner make one of their own. Talk about your day as you drink your drink.

Ordering Food

Another great idea is to order food from the same restaurant. You will try the same dishes and you can share these while you watch each other eat online.

Truth or Dare

One fun game to play together when you aren’t actually together is truth and dare. Find ways to be creative and to get the questions rolling. You might even want to spice it up a little bit with some fun dares.

Get Dressed Up

No one has to have a real reason to dress up but if you want to impress your long-distance partner, get dressed up and then give them a video call. Who knows what might happen next?

Have a Presentation

Set up a presentation and give it to your partner. It can be about anything. Doing this can give your partner more information about what you love and what you have a passion for. Tell them they have to take a test afterwards.

Dance Party

Another fun kind of party to have together virtually is a dance party. You can even try to do the latest TikTok dances with your partner and have a fun night moving.

Send a Present

Some long-distance couples will challenge each other to buy gifts. Make sure that you are on a budget though and when you send a gift, make them zoom you as they open the package.


You can play a game of 21-questions. This game means that you can ask anything that you want. You don’t even have to use a camera if you don’t want to you, and you can just use the phone. The camera will make it more exciting.


You can read a book together. Take turns reading a book together and read it one chapter at a time, each having a turn reading.

Take Them to Bed

You can call your partner from your bedroom and this can make you feel closer to them. You get to choose what happens next on the virtual date.

Final Thoughts

Long-distance dating can be hard but if you can get creative, you can find ways to date when you aren’t able to be together.

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