Feng Shui in the Bedroom
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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

There is an ancient art called Feng Shui and it is how you can change the intentions of places in your home, even your bedroom, in order to bring love and peace.

Do you have nightmares, and you wish that you could have sweet dreams? You can set the scene in your bedroom at night so that you can have better dreams and sleep sweeter.

Mirrors and Crystals

The way that you put your bed and your other things in your bedroom is important in Feng Shui. When your bedroom is at the end of a long hall it is called the dragon’s mouth, and this can make it harder to be romantic.

If you hang mirrors down the hall opposite each other, it can make the energies calm down. You can also hang a crystal right inside the door to make your relationships stronger.

Bed Linens

One big tip to making your bedroom better is to change your bed sheets. Use green, red or white to make it more passionate in the bedroom. Red sheets can make your romance more exciting and fun.


Use candles such as pink candles in the right corner of your room to make your love grow. Make sure you light them here and there but don’t leave them burning.

Partner Space

Your bedroom needs to have space for your partner, even if you are single. Make sure that some of the drawers in your dresser are empty for when they come to you. Clean the bathroom and make sure that when your soulmate comes that they can get right in.

Create a place that will be open to your soulmate. There should always be two side tables and two lamps and make sure the room is ready for your love to come.

Visual Stimulation

One tip to bring love to your bedroom is to use essential oils. Use ylang-ylang in a diffuser and with distilled water or add some to your water bottle and spray it around your home. This will create a lovely scent.

You can also hang pictures of people holding hands and having fun. The pictures can be images of people that show love. Put these pictures in your bedroom and out in the entryway.

These are two of the most important steps to get your bedroom ready for your partner. Make sure that you stimulate the mind and the body.

Work and Play

Keep the work out of your bedroom. Make the area a place that is playful and not a place where you have to keep your computer beside your bed.

Bedside Lamp

Get a bedside lamp and turn them both on each night to spice up your relationship. Leave them on for 3 hours at a time and then turn them off at the same time. Do this for 27 days and this will cause there to be more excitement in your bedroom.

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