Choosing the Right Person to Love
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Choosing the Right Person to Love

Choosing the right person to love is important. If you are a parent, you will tell your children to make sure that they find someone that they are passionate about and someone that they will love for the rest of their lives. We know that this is an important decision and no matter how much love or energy you invest in someone, if they aren’t meant for you, it will never work out.

Choosing the Right Partner

When your children are little, you will give them advice and show them how to be good people. You will give them instructions and hope that they hold on to what you taught them when they are older. But when you think about them choosing the right person, you wonder what kind of advice you could give them to benefit them.

Maybe you saw your children date people that weren’t good for them and you wanted to tell them to make better choices in love, but you realize that just talking about it doesn’t make it happen. You talk about who and how you know if someone is right for you or not.

Talking to your children at an early age will help your children to know what is important in their heart and mind. This is talk that should go as your children get older.

Finding the Right Person

How do you know when someone is right for you or not? Do they embarrass you the way that they act? Do they treat other people poorly? Do they say inappropriate things and drink too much or have bad habits? How do they talk about themselves?

You need to be honest and not ignore things that give you a bad taste in your mouth. Pay attention to what your gut tells you.

Working Relationships

People that are in relationships have to work hard but only because they are putting in energy and thoughtfulness into the relationship. This should be what you put first in your life and not your work. Loving someone should never be a struggle and if the person is right for you, it won’t be.

Being in a relationship with too much drama means the person is not right for you.

Their Family

Look how this person treats their mom and dad and siblings. If they are not good to the people that have raised them and loved them, they are not right for you. Family should be the middle of your relationship. You should be connected to them and their family.

Not all families get along but if you have someone that is disrespectful to their family, they are not right for you.

Public Affection

Does your partner make you feel uncomfortable about their displays of affection? They need to always respect you, and this is something that is not negotiable.

Having Fun

One of the most important parts of being in love is having fun. Do they make you smile and laugh a lot? Work and life are stressful and if you are dating someone that makes your day happy, you are on the right track.

Interests Without You

You will not be everything to someone. They are people and they have to have passions and friends and other things that you are not a part of. This should be the same thing for you. If that is not happening in your relationship, work on it.

Changing Them

Do you think that you can change the person you are with? If you need to change them then you shouldn’t be dating them. Do not date someone if you feel that you have to change them. They should be someone that you like from the very beginning.


Do you have to have your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you make them date you by manipulating them? If this has happened for you, they are not the person for you. They should never manipulate you or this will end up as a bad relationship.

Treating You Good

Is this person loving and kind to you? Do they support you and want what is best for you? Do they treat you the way that you deserve?

Do They Make You Better?

The person that is right for you will make you want to be the best person that you can be. They will make you happier and healthier and they will help you to focus. They will love and encourage you and they will support your passions.

Easy Guidelines

There are no rules in finding the right person in your life. Life would be easy if there were rules but there aren’t. You should find someone that you can be with that brings you joy. Ask questions before you date someone and also during your dating journey. Make sure you are finding the right person and that you are choosing happiness in your life.

Keep asking questions and talking to your children about finding the right person. Make sure that you teach them about finding the right person and about finding love, peace, and happiness.

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