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Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

There are plenty of people that talk about meeting their partners for the first time in love at first sight situations such as catching eyes across the bar or meeting in a crowded room. Once they saw each other, they knew that they were in love and would live happily ever after.

Couples that haven’t had love at first sight are okay because there is nothing that says that you have to have this in order to have a good marriage. Those who thought that they had love at first sight often wonder if they chose the right partner or if they made a huge mistake.

What is Love at First Sight, Really?

Love at first sight is a saying that means that you have a strong connection it someone that you meet. Some feel that this connection feels like an explosion or they are only able to see the person that catches their eye. This is a feeling that people get when they don’t want to see the moment end because they are connected to this person like no one has ever connected with them before.

Love at first sight is often described as electrical and it is a strong feeling between two people. Some people feel that it is the same feelings as being drunk. Others have felt it and wanted it to last forever. They only have eyes for that one person, and it is a reaction that is strong and immediate.

It is often first about how someone looks but then once they talk to you, you feel in your intuition that something about them is perfect for you and you have an instant connection.

Is This Real?

You can fall in love right when you meet someone, but the truth is, that after you meet them, you need to get to know them to see if it is going to last. This is how you find out if you are a good match or not.

Sometimes people that have the love at first sight connections are attracted more to something than the physical. Even though they may go and have sex right away, they find something else about them that isn’t just about sex but about love. The problem is that this kind of love isn’t always what makes marriages work. This also isn’t the kind of love that has to do with someone’s values and personality.

This feeling is sometimes called the “Bachelor Syndrome,” because it is a spark that happens between two people.

Can Love at First Sight End in A Good Marriage?

It is possible to fall in love with someone right away and to have a good marriage. Marriage will have to last through all of the hard things, and it will end up with things such as having children, dealing with health problems and times of dryness and no sex.

Understanding that there is a strong passion at the beginning of any relationship is important. People will have highs and lows and they will often have sexual highs because of their partners attractive state but this can change as time goes on and cause the relationship to have problems.

If a couple will fall in love at first sight and then take time to get to know each other, they will have a better chance of their marriage lasting. Spending time doing things together will help them to know each other’s goals and values and then it will be time to get to know the family and friends.  All of this has to include each other’s flaws and baggage’s and paying attention to red flags.

As long as you are willing to work hard and to work through hard things, you will be able to go with that initial spark and see things happen in the relationship. If marriage is involved, make sure that you spend time together and that you learn to know each other through all of the seasons.

Love is more than just a marriage that lasts, it has to be part of intimacy, honesty, and trust.

Wrong Ideas About Love at First Sight

Relationship success can come from love at first sight, but many people are infatuated with each other. This means that they cannot work through the hard things and when things get hard, things break apart.

What are things that people get wrong about love at first sight?


Just because you meet someone that you have a spark with, it doesn’t mean that they are your destiny. A good match does mean that you are attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean that you will be with them for your whole life.

Some people will luck out and meet someone that they are able to relate to and this will be like they were destiny, but other people will have to work through things that are hard to make this kind of relationship work.

Mutual Feelings

Some people do not have the same feelings when there is love at first sight. One person might just feel good about the relationship, but they might not have the spark that makes them feel that they met the one.

Feelings Will Last

Meeting someone for the first time and having a spark doesn’t mean that the relationship will last forever. Some will have a good relationship while some will feel that they are not in a solid relationship and there isn’t anything to hold them together.

Love at Second Sight

Just because you feel a spark with someone doesn’t mean that you will want to be with them after the second date. Take time to get to know that person and meet up for breakfast or dinner the next day. See if the spark is still there or if it went away after spending time together.

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