5 Ways to Tell They Aren’t Committed to You
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5 Ways to Tell They Aren’t Committed to You

It can be anxiety-inducing to question if a person might not be as committed to your relationship as you are.  The fear comes from your emotional involvement and trying to separate fact from the fantasy you are trying to paint.  It can get confusing why the person just doesn’t leave your life entirely if they are already halfway out the door.  If you relate to this fear, here are 5 signals an emotionally unavailable person sends out.

  1. You always have to initiate every action

Is there an even balance between calling or texting?  How about who suggests, let alone pays for, dates.  If you are constantly doing all of the work, then they aren’t serious about you.  Anyone who desires a long-term romance will make you feel desired and your time valuable.

  1. They set unrealistic expectations that drive you crazy

Think about the rules and guidelines your partner has set up.  Do they seem to be asking too much of you or not allowing your needs to get met?  If their rules are bothering you, try discussing the issues with them and try to get their perspective on the situation and potential solutions.  If they ignore your requests, then this says they aren’t concerned about having a healthy relationship dynamic.

  1. There always seems to be a disconnect

No matter how close you try to get to them, they always seem to pull away at the last moment.  You feel like they are emotionally repressed to a level that causes you pain as you try to create a stronger connection.  If you are always trying and they give you no effort back, then this is a red flag they aren’t serious about you.

  1. They have clearly said that they don’t want a relationship with you

It is important to really listen when a person sets out their relationship boundaries early on.  You might be head over heels in love with a guy, but if he is just getting out of a long-term relationship and says he isn’t ready for a new one, then he isn’t ready for a relationship.  No amount of trying, crying, worrying, or even manipulation will fix this.  Instead, take a step back from dating this person and concentrate on being their friend first.  If there are any feelings that could one day during into love, it will happen when the time is right, just not right now.

  1. They aren’t concerned with your emotions or thoughts

People who are serious about a lover will dive head first into trying to under the mystery that is you, including your emotions and thought process.  This way when you have strong experiences, they can be there for you 100%.  This lover will be impacted by your experiences, as your joy is their joy, and your pain is their pain.  Anyone who is apathetic in love will get easily overwhelmed by your emotions and will strive to create distance and thus causing you to feel alone and depleted in the relationship.

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