5 Ways to Convert a Rebound into a Romance
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5 Ways to Convert a Rebound into a Romance

You just found out that the person you are dating recently ended their previous relationship.  You really like this person and don’t just want to be their rebound.  Rebounds never lead to lasting love, or could they?  Although you should be cautious with anyone who is newly single, this doesn’t mean they are broken and incapable of loving again.  With good communication, patience and hard work, you can covert you can change your status from rebound to romance.

Step 1:  Take it Easy

Your match hasn’t been in the dating game very long.  This could feel confusing to them as they navigate the complicated web of emotions following a break-up and establishing a new romance.  Begin by trying to have a date only once a week.  This will help them set the pace and allow you both to establish healthy patterns and behaviors.

Step 2: Avoid the Bedroom

Sex complicates an already tricky situation.  Often people race to have sex because it feels good and can be an escape from heavy feelings.  When you take intimacy slow, understand of both of your needs, feelings and emotions grow.  By delaying sex, you both can increase the chances that you are together for deep affection for each other and not just physical attraction.

Step 3: Wait a Few Months Before Labelling the Relationship

Don’t be in a hurray to ensure this relationship is monogamous.  Your date needs time to understand what they want in a long-term love immediately after ending their last one.  Casual dating allows you both to learn more about one another and about what you value most in this dynamic.  By agreeing to keep your online dating profiles active, you can actually strengthen your odd of lasting love.  During this time, you can build trust, communications and lasting memories by sharing tales of dates gone wrong.

Step 4: Have Sincere Curiosity

Your last relationships happened, whether you want to address the elephants in the room or not!  You don’t have to get into specific details as they shouldn’t matter to your situation.  Yet, it is import to discuss what you learned about yourselves and what is important for your next relationship.  This will clearly display an intention for you to only enter into a relationship with each other if it can be healthy.

Step 5: Prolong Meeting Loved Ones

You may quickly meet casual friends or coworkers.  However, meeting family (whether chosen or biological) is a whole new ballgame.  It is best to wait until you have been dating a few months and are heading towards monogamy.

Steps in Sum:

To create lasting love, you both need time.  Time together and time with your thoughts.  Time will allow you both to get a full scope of one another and what you value in a future relationship.  These steps help you better navigate this time of growth and learning.  We hope they will help you foster healthy expectations and communication skills, which will allow you to find the love you both deserve.

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