Consider the following things before starting an office romance
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Consider the following things before starting an office romance

Is there a beautiful worker who happens to have an interest in you? Have you considered asking them out to at least know them better? Know that you are not alone, as many people usually fall in love at the workplace.  Several individuals also at times feel uneasy when starting a relationship with a co-worker.

Starting an office romance is not easy for quite several reasons. First, love at the workplace is likely to interfere with your work productivity. Secondly, they are considered a bit controversial.  However, the fact that almost all people meet at the workplace should change our perception of office hookups.

If you want to make a move with your office crush, consider the following things:

  1. Are you expected to date a coworker?

Specialists advise those who want to engage in a relationship with a coworker to check the company’s handbook first.  This suggestion might look stupid but apparently, some companies do not allow this, they have strict rules and therefore you have to ensure you don’t lose your job for such a decision.  If your company has strict rules concerning coworker relationships, you will have to weigh your priorities.  Is love or work on your priority list? It might be hard to make a choice here but you should consider all of them before you think of hooking up with a coworker. And if you are of thinking of dating secretly, remember there are those office snitches who will always make things a bit complicated for you.

  1. What are your expectations from the relationship?

Thinking clearly when you are head over heels in love is not easy, but you need to take things into perspective with office love. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you because you might destroy a good career path due to your inability to think. Do you think that relationship will lead to marriage? Or you’ll get disappointed? And remember, do not force your coworkers to choose sides once the office relationship is over.

  1. Is this individual your boss?

If the answer is yes, then you better you change your job and then be serious with the relationship. Starting a relationship with your boss is likely to affect your relationship with your coworkers. You may feel guilty and get stressed in the process. There is a lot to be handled when getting into a relationship with someone in a high-ranking position. However, it might not be hard to pursue this kind of relationship if you don’t care so much about what people will say and you maintain a fair amount of professionalism.

  1. Is this individual single?

Extramarital affairs always affect both parties involved. And when this happens in an office setting, it affects individuals’ professional lives as well. According to professor Salvaggio, starting a relationship with a married person will cause a lot of problems at the workplace. Your coworkers will find that out and judge you. You will be stressed by this and even cost you your work. Resist the temptation of being in an extramarital affair, it causes a lot of psychological trauma.

  1. Is conflict resolution your thing?

You cannot know the outcome of a relationship regardless of how compatible you are with your partner. In any case, the relationship ends, there might be a chance of conflict from either side. Those conflicts are likely to cause tension at work as the couples may force the coworkers to choose sides. Keep all your personal and private issues of work.

  1. Know that there are sexual harassment charges

This sounds off, but do you know that sexual harassment charges are a frequent manipulation tactic at work? People’s egos are likely to be hurt by relationship strains. Unfortunately, some people can’t deal with rejection and the only option is for them to hurt the other individual emotionally, socially and physically.  More women use the false allegation of sexual harassment than men. Sexual harassment allegations usually occur mostly when the people involved in the relationship were a supervisor and a subordinate. Several individuals think such things are unlikely to happen but taking into consideration that such things do happen to make things easier for you in case they turn sour.

  1. The romance is likely to destroy your career

There are several ways an office romance can destroy your career. There are some workplaces where supervisors are strict and having a relationship at work may be considered as unprofessional. They will not offer anyone a promotion. Although this can’t be justified, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s your relationship or career.

  1. The good side of a relationship

Although we have just dwelt on the negative sides of starting a relationship at work, we also have to look at the positives. Workplace romances can make workers happy about their work, make them more motivated and increase their productivity.

  1. Meeting like-minded individuals

There are several reasons why most people meet their future partners at work, this is because office romance increases the chances of meeting like-minded people. You are likely to be attracted to a person because you have similar education interests and background which made you both get the job.

  1. Are you able to fight stigma?

Sometimes, office relationships may lead to stigma. Your coworkers may not mind it but your superiors are likely to be disturbed. You will have to deal with a lot of stigmas if you have to start a relationship with the person you choose. And if you are a person who loves change, then go ahead and do everything you want as long as it makes you happy.

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