I am Engaged, Now What
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I am Engaged, Now What

One minute life is as it always is and the next your special someone is kneeling before you, ring in hand. Once you are engaged, life changes in a huge way. Your mind may be racing with all the to-do lists and must take care of lists. Below is a list of things to take care of first, before moving on to the harder stuff.

Tell Those Closest First

It is very tempting to post a picture of the ring online right away, but hold off just a bit longer. The first step is telling close family and friends about the engagement. If you cannot go see them in person, make sure to make a phone call. When you tell them in person, it is much more meaningful and you get to see the excited look on their faces.

Share on Social Media

Once those closest to you have been informed, then make that social media post that will get others talking. There are tons of ways to creatively show the world your news. Create special t-shirts, cute signs, or use the classic ring shot because all will want to see. Make sure to paint your nails a complimentary color to look your best as everyone will want to see your hand in the near future.

Relax and Celebrate

Before the flurry of wedding planning really gets underway, take time to celebrate and enjoy a bit of quiet time with your fiancé. Go out to dinner, have drinks with friends, or throw an engagement party. Make the event memorable so you can look back in the future with joy. This time will pass too quickly so take it in before planning becomes your main focus.

Wedding Basics

Once the initial shock has worn off, it is time to start planning basics. While it may not be time to start booking vendors, do start talking about basics with your fiancé and parents. This should include size, location, date, and most of all, budget. Even rough estimates are better than nothing. The details will set the pace for the overall plans and keep everyone on the same general page.


If you are like most brides, you have a Pinterest board full of wedding ideas, but now it is time to narrow it down. Create a new board and get selective about what you really like. Stick with a central theme and do not deviate too far. Add descriptions so you can remember what you liked most about the pin. This creates a cohesive vision that can help you understand the type of wedding you really want in the end.

Focus on the Relationship

Wedding planning is great, but stressful. Do not let the relationship, the reason for the future wedding, be forgotten. Something like premarital counseling can help set the foundation for the marriage, not just the wedding. Keep regular date nights and have some fun that is not wedding focused.

Discuss Finances

Once married, you and your partner are now a family. This transition can be tricky at times, especially when dealing with money and bills. While it is not the easiest topic to discuss, start talking finances prior to the wedding. Take a look at your combined income, living expenses, and what debts will be brought into the marriage from each side. Analyze recurring expenses for each month and see if there are ways to save. Joining finances and taking an honest look at ways to save can help prepare you for future milestones.

Pick the Wedding Party

As the planning really gets underway, it is important to have your trusted friends close by. Keep in mind that this is a huge decision that should take some time to make. It is not always the more the merrier when it comes to a wedding court so choose only your closest core friends and family. When you do ask, do so in a special way so they will feel joy at the honor.

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