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Knowing if You Have Love Feelings for Someone

Love can be hard and figuring out if someone loves you is not about science, but it is more about being open minded and working through your feelings.

You probably already know that love can be hard and that if you know you love someone, this is where love starts. Some people believe that you always will know but that isn’t always true.

You can believe that you are in love with someone and then find out that you really aren’t. When you want to know if you love someone, it doesn’t always just come to you. You might have to look at things from a different perspective each time.

Love is not the same for anyone and when you can’t stop thinking about someone, you might realize that your feelings are strong. You have to feel secure with this person if you are going to take another step.

This is why it is so hard sometimes to know if you love someone. There are no real rules and there are no real true ideas on what love is supposed to look or feel like.

Do You Love Them?

You probably didn’t look at this article because you are bored, you probably want to know if you are in love with someone. Maybe you started dating someone and you feel like you are falling for them, but you aren’t sure.

Whatever happens, when you think you love someone, it is more than likely true. It may not be but most of the time it is.

When you fall in love, it can be an amazing feeling. It can give you joy and can give you excitement, but you will also probably be a little afraid. You will maybe even feel that you are not sure how to tell them what you are feeling.

You never want to make a mistake about love and being uncertain can be temporary but it all can start with a thought.

If you lived a life where you loved someone when you were in school, you might realize that your love then was different than it is as an adult.

When you met your next boyfriend after you graduated, you might realize that the relationship wasn’t what you hoped it would be.

Even if he treated you kindly, you might have thought that you loved him but then you realized that you were just infatuated with him.

You probably have been with people that showed you love, and you thought that you loved them, but you realize that it was just a feeling that you were having.

It is a good idea to always be cautious when you are falling in love and when you are sharing your feelings. If you are not sure what you are feeling, you need to seek answers before you make a real move.

How to Know if You Love Them

Just going for it is probably not advice that you want to have. You want to know if you really love someone, and you want to be sure so that you don’t make a mistake. Here are some signs that you can pay attention to and it can help you to know if you really love someone or not.

If you notice these feelings, chances are that you really love this person:

Saying “I Love You”

When you start loving someone, you probably want to tell them that you do. You might be waiting for the right opportunity to tell them that you care for them.

Treating Them with Love

You will also show this person that you like them by doing nice things for them or complementing them. You will show your attraction.

When you love someone, you will show them love. You will respect them, and you will show them who you are. You will be there for them when they feel down, and you will want to know more about them.

Treat You Good

When you know that you love someone, it isn’t just about how you are feeling but about how they are treating you. If they are respecting you and being kind with you, your feelings of love might be stronger.

You will not want to be with someone that plays games with you but someone that thinks of you like you think of them.

Obsessing over someone does not mean love and even if they are occupying your thoughts, it can mean you are infatuated and not in love.


When you are loving someone, you can disagree with them and you can still work through things.

When you love someone, you will work through your problems and you will not let small things come between you.

Share Time with Them

When you love someone, you want them to be happy. When you are feeling down, you want them to be there for you and you want them to love you.

When you are in the early stages of your relationship, you want to make sure that you feel safe with this person and you are able to cry in front of them.


You want them to be happy with you and you want to know that they are going to enjoy you and be happy with you.

Even if this seems weird, you will want them to ask you about your thoughts and your feelings. You want them to enjoy doing things that you like such as watching movies or going out.


Sometimes you are not as selfish as you used to be. You will want them to know that you are good, and you will be open to being kind and caring.

If you hate driving, you will still drive them just to show them that you care.

You Like Them

The first thing before love is that you have to like someone. You have to feel that you can get along with them in the good and bad things.

If you like your partner, you can be close to them and you can be passionate with them. You do not have to be intense at first, but you can just do things together.

Friends and Family

You can have close friends and family that can show you if you are meant to be with this person or not. Let them give you advice and let them be confident with you.


Overwhelming emotions can be a sign that you aren’t in love. This can be fear and excitement but that doesn’t mean love.

When you feel overwhelmed when you are dating someone it can be stressful. It can be something that you feel but it might not be love.

You should never feel overwhelmed in your emotions or stressed with someone that you re with. When you know that you love someone, you should feel normal, and you should feel happy.

You Know

Even though we don’t always know things, the feelings that we have about love are our feelings. If you talk to people and you feel happy in your relationship, this can mean that you are in love.

Knowing if you love someone is not always easy but the things that you go through will lead you to an answer.

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