Dating While in Your 30s
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Dating While in Your 30s

No matter what age you are, when you get older, it is harder to learn how to date and how to find someone to fall in love with. Dating in your 20’s was hard but once you turn 30, it can be frustrating to get into the dating game.

The field seems smaller, and you have more baggage than ever before. Chances are that your heart has been broken over and over again and you have issues with things such as trust and believing that someone could love you. You have a strong career and you have very few friends that are single and it makes you feel more pressured.

If you have just gotten single or you are turning 30, dating has changed and can be stressful, but you have to not let it. Here are some tips that can help you.

Age and a Number

Age doesn’t really matter as much as you think it is. Do not just write people off because you feel too old. Relationships work because people love each other and not because of how old they are.

When people go on a date, it doesn’t matter what their age is, what matters is if they are attracted to each other or not.

You Know Things

As you get older, you know more. You will know what you want, and you will see when thing aren’t going good.

If you never thought about what kind of partner you want, you need to figure it out this time. Write down what you want and write things you like about people. Also write down what you don’t want.

Figure out what your favorite qualities about someone is and then date those kinds of people.


You have to learn to let go of the past. If you are in your 30’s and you are single, chances are that you have had your heart broken a time or two. It is time to get over this and to move on.

This is not a good time to worry about your ex cheating on you or someone that hurt your feelings years ago. Let things go. We have all messed up and we have all had past things that haunt us. Learn to live in the present so that you can move to the future.

Be Vulnerable

Even if you have not had any success in dating, you most likely have your guard up. You have to learn to let people in and be vulnerable. If you don’t let people in, you will never find someone that you can date or love.

Being vulnerable makes things easier and makes it easier to get to know you. You can improve your self-worth by not worrying about what other people think of you.


Do not be bitter that you are still single and embrace life. Things just didn’t work and that was for a reason. Do not become negative because of your past relationships and learn to give love a chance.

Have Fun

Learn to have fu and to do things with a childlike mind. Go out and laugh and do things that you love to do.

Do not worry about things but just worry about having fun and laughing. Dating shouldn’t be hard and depressing but it should be exciting and fun.


People often end up in divorce and if you are in your 30’s you might worry about dating people that are divorced. Do not worry about this because they probably just have a past just like you did. Try something new and if they are talking about their past marriage, only talk about what they want to and don’t pry or be nosey.


You must learn to communicate with someone you want to date. This is important in any kind of relationship. Talk honestly with who you are dating and learn to be open.

Talk about what you want in a relationship and let things move forward.

Wasting Time

Never waste time on someone you aren’t interested in. Let them know that you do not fit together. Life is too short to be with someone that you have no interest in.

Consider what values you have and do not give in to them. Make sure you use your time wisely.

Trust Your Intuition

Learn to listen to your gut feelings and follow your intuition. If they don’t feel right, they probably aren’t.

Be Yourself

Learn to be who you are and don’t give up on yourself. Never lose yourself in any relationship and make sure you have a connection that is real and honest.

Nothing is more attractive than someone that has self-confidence.

Never Settle

Do not settle for something that you don’t want. If you are settling, then you will never be happy. Wait for what you want and do not compromise on your happiness.

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