Reasons You May Be Dreaming About Your Ex
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Reasons You May Be Dreaming About Your Ex

Dreaming about an ex can be more of a traumatizing nightmare than a fantastic dream, especially after you thought you were well over them. Take comfort in knowing that even though it is often annoying, dreaming about an ex is not always bad. In the same way that dreaming about tooth loss can be a sign of stress, dreams about your ex can offer intel into your life in ways that have nothing to do with them.

Having an ex-flame star in a dream or nightmare is a subconscious reminder of feelings you have locked away, but should consider revisiting. Generally, an ex entering your dreamworld means there is unfinished business. These are necessarily about wanting to reconnect with that ex or about that person at all. So, what could these dreams be about? The truth is dreams are highly personal so they cannot be totally generalized, but they are never random. Each hold meaning. Included below are some of the common reasons you may be dreaming about those left in your past.

Something is Missing

If you happen to dream about missing an ex then it is a signal that there is a void in your life. This could be closeness of a parent or friends like was once present.

Current Relationship

Dreaming of fighting with an ex can apply to your current relationship. It is likely you are wrestling with something in the current partnership that must be addressed. This could also mean you have told a lie or half-truth that has brought on guilt.

A Reminder

Sometimes a dream comes simply because something reminded you of your ex. The smell of a perfume or running into a mutual friend can move into your dream world. This is just the unlocking of a memory that has been lying dormant.


Ironically, an ex sneaking into your dreams can mean you are not accepting of part s of yourself. Perhaps an ex found these attributes adorable, but you have not yet learned to love them. This means you need to practice self-love and build self-esteem in this area.


Maybe it ended poorly and you associate the negative with an ex. If you are dreaming about them it may signal negative feelings toward someone totally unrelated in your waking life. Perhaps a coworker stole credit for your work and you are just annoyed.

Missing Your Ex

Though these types of dreams are not always about missing your ex, sometimes they are. Dreaming about your ex does not mean you need to reconcile, but it may mean you are missing certain parts of the relationship at the moment.

Craving Intimacy

Sex dreams about your ex are most likely about craving intimacy and making connections, though not necessarily about your ex. This may be related to sex with your current partner or just emotional intimacy from friends and family.

Creativity by Association

If you are dreaming about having children with your ex, take a deep breath. Children represent creativity in dreams and growth of ideas. You are probably just excited about a new project or creative upcoming event.


If dreaming about apologizing to your ex, even if you already have in real life, then it means you are truly moving on and able to let go.


Dreaming of living with an ex is quite common and highly personal. It means that your ex represented something that is still alive inside you. This could be happiness, safety, sadness, hurt, or about anything. This emotion was triggered and has now entered your sleep world.

Moving On

Dreaming about breaking up with someone you have already broken up with is actually a good thing. It means you are separating them from your subconscious and ready to move on. This is largely symbolic of the process you have gone through in your waking life to move on.

So Now What?

Dreams in general can mean so many different things, even if they are about your ex. Do not simply write them off because they can teach you about yourself and help you grow. To learn from them, write down all you remember from your dreams as soon as you awaken, then look into your waking life to see if a connection can be made. If you really aren’t over your ex and need help, then find a therapist to help.

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