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When to Walk Away from Love

Love can be tough to recognize at times, but it becomes even harder when you know there is romantic love, but you must walk away. Some wait years to find someone that leaves you feeling truly loved, but now find yourself wondering if it is what is right. You may question whether it is time to end things or push through hoping it will get better. If you are wondering whether to walk away from a relationship because the initial excitement has faded and things are not the same, this article can help. Just because the excitement has ended does not mean you have to rush out the door, it could just be a rough patch. Other times though, you need to make the decision to go. Read on to help make that decision.

Walk Away or Stay

There are different stages of love for a relationship. The initial honeymoon phase does not last, the excitement fades. As this fades, all the imperfections and small things you overlooked, may start to drive you crazy. It can be hard to think you missed these things before. This is normal and something that every long-term relationship experiences. This is no reason to give up on the person you love. Even if you have started arguing or disagreeing more often, there is no need to run away. Relationships are about two different people and you will not always agree. Disagreements can be healthy as you learn the skills to work through them. These disagreements should not be constant, but they will pop up over different things. Relationships are meant for ups and downs, but healthy relationships will weather these storms and love will continue to grow. All that said, there are some occasions when you should not try to push through, instead walking away. These will be shared below.

One main reason to leave is if you have a feeling you have lost yourself. You may not recognize who you have become because of all the changes. This is a sign you need to leave. Real love does not require someone to completely change. If the person you are with does not love you for who you are, then they are not the right person for you. When you are able to leave, seek counseling. If you stay, counseling can also help, but both people need to be willing to go and do the work. Another big reason to leave is if your gut is telling you to because something is not right. You may not be able to pinpoint the issue, but trust that gut feeling and walk away without looking back. If you are married, this can be next to impossible, so seek counseling to see if the feelings can be worked through, but if just dating, walk away.

Another concerning feeling is if you are just going through the motions without really feeling anything. Granted, relationships change and some excitement may wear off, but if all the love and happiness is gone, then you are settling for less than you deserve. The same is true if you are not being respected. Respect is a healthy and necessary part of a relationship. Make sure your boundaries are being respecting and you are doing the same for your partner. If this does not happen, walk away.

Though it should not need to be written, if any type of abuse exists in the relationship, walk away immediately or as soon as it is safe to do so. This is not just physical abuse, but any type that may occur. Get away, get somewhere safe, and seek counseling as soon as possible. You are not deserving of abuse and the abuser is not worthy of your time. Though not really abusive, if you feel your opinion does not matter in a relationship then it is time to cut ties. One person will not always get their way, but you should not always be the one compromising. Another issue that may arise is not feeling like you can trust the other person. A lack of trust in a relationship is almost always a deal breaker. It can feel as if something is being hidden and you do not understand why. Save yourself time and heartbreak and just walk away if the person does not open up a little more each time you are together. If trust has been broken for some reason, but you do not want to walk away, seek professional help to work through all the issues involved as a couple.

You deserve happiness in a relationship. Some people find talking to a therapist can be extremely helpful. Whether you choose to stay or go, seek help if you need it. This can help your self-esteem and confidence grow as you move forward in a positive manner. Even if you love someone, there may be times when you need to walk away. Hopefully this article will help you come to a decision for yourself and your wellbeing.

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