Why Dating Your Best Friend Can be a Great Thing
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Why Dating Your Best Friend Can be a Great Thing

Have you ever described someone by saying, “Oh, that is my friend,” and finding someone that fits in your life is hard and you might think that there is no room for love? Dating someone that you are friends with can be a hard decision, but it can also be a great decision that you make in your life.

If you meet someone that you are friends with before you date them, you will feel different about dating and you will see that life can be great.

What if you aren’t attracted to your best friend? You might decide that you should make a list on what you like about them. Plan on sharing things with your friend when you talk to them because you have already labeled them as only a friend.

One thing that attracts us to other people is that they are there to support us and to help us in our lives. If you imagine this person as your partner, you will see that things might change but if you want to have a challenge, you can just go and meet someone that doesn’t know a thing about you.

There are going to be many times that you date someone and it won’t work out but if you are friends with someone you have already clicked with them. You will see that you will have the idea of happiness right in front of you and you didn’t even realize it.

First Date

When you date your friend, you have already had your first date. They know all about you such as your favorite foods and your favorite color. You have hung out so much that they know all about you. You never felt nervous telling them things about you because you enjoyed hanging out and texting them.

A first date can be hard but when you date your friend, you already know them, and you don’t have to go through all the dating scene.


Chances are that your friend has already met your family and you don’t have to do a massive and stressful meeting between your new love and your family. If your parents know your best friend, they will not have to give you advice on what to look out for because they already approve of them.

You might even have your family telling you that you finally made a good choice.

On the Line

Both you and your friend have a lot to lose in this relationship and so you will both do your best to make it work out. He has probably been the guy that you go to when you have a problem and maybe he has been there for you for years.

Your best friend has always been there and helped you to take risks and helped you to be successful in your life.

Maybe your relationship will end up being really great.

Past Relationships

Unless you have only recently met your best friend, you probably have been through a lot of things with him. Maybe you have a past and many relationships that didn’t work out, chances are, he already knows about them.

You most likely know about his relationships and his past girlfriends. Even though both of these situations might have been hard for each of you, the great thing is that if you get together you do not have to talk about your past because you already know that.

Things in Common

There has to be commonalities when you date someone if you want it to work out and if you date your friend, chances are that you already have a lot in common. You know a lot about each other, and you are always there to share things with each other.

When you bond with your friend, you will not have to work hard to be close. You would always like to do the same things as go hiking or read a book together. You probably like the same music and like to go to the same restaurants or clubs.

Bad Habits

We all have bad habits and when you date a friend, he will already know about your bad habits. Maybe you drink too much, or you make weird noises when you sleep.

When you date someone, you worry about them thinking weird things about you and your habits but when you date a friend, they already know that you like weird things and what you do when you get scared.

Good About Yourself

If your friend didn’t make you feel good about who you were, you wouldn’t be with him. He will always be there to make you feel good about your decisions and about who you are.

Under Dressed

Have you and your friend every just sat around watching movies in your pajamas without makeup on and your hair fixed? If you were going out on a date with someone you didn’t know, you would feel that you were obligated to always look your best.

Being with your best friend means that they have seen you at your best and your worst. This means that when you go out on a special date that you might dress up but if you are just hanging around, you might be in your sweats and a pony tail. The great thing is that no matter what you choose, he will like you and you will like him.

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