Finding Your Dream Date Without Lowering Who You Are
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Finding Your Dream Date Without Lowering Who You Are

Never change who you are or what you want in life to be in a relationship. You need to make sure that you have values and that you stick to them so that you can find relationships that have meaning to you.

In the past, most people would meet someone that they were interested in at school or at church. Most Americans now will meet someone online that they want to date. What is the difference between meeting someone online and in person? The truth is that meeting someone online can cause the relationship to be hard because people often raise themselves up online or they are superficial. It is hard to find out who someone really is when you are only talking to them online.

The important thing about a relationship is sexual desire and when you set yourself up to online date and you want to be with someone, chances are you will try to act perfect and be someone that you are not really.

Some people find that when you date, if you are really who you say that you are, you will get more out of your relationship.

If you want to find love online or find love in person, make sure that you have a meaningful connection. Find someone that makes you happy and makes you want to talk to them and hang out with them.

Here are ways that you can do that:

Figure Out What You Want Before

Before you start dating, figure out what you want in a partner. Find what attracts you and what kind of relationship that you have. Are you looking to just have fun, or do you want a long-term relationship? Do you want someone to hang out with or are you looking for someone that you might want to marry? Do you want someone that lives close to you so that you can get together fast or someone that lives a ways away? What kind of things do not attract you?  Figure all of this out before you even start dating.


Have standards in your life that you will stick to. Make sure that you keep these standards such as someone that is trustworthy or someone that is stable in their finances.

Make a list and put effort into finding a mate that has the qualities that you are looking for.


Learn to flirt and figure out what turns you on. You have to learn what kind of seduction that you use and what is natural to you.

Being a good lover means that you know how to seduce someone, and you can play a game and learn to get what you want. Look at the situation and figure out what you know about yourself before putting yourself out there.

Be Thankful for Exes

Be thankful for your exes that taught you what you don’t want in a relationship. Learn to reflect on the things that made the relationship not work out. Think about your experiences and what you went through.

Did you listen and put your all into the relationship? Was your ex a person that didn’t give you time or put energy into the relationship? Why did your relationship not work out?

It is hard to connect with people unless you understand why your old relationships didn’t work out. This might be hard to dwell on, but it is important so that you can have a good future with someone else.

Learn to Love to Date

Have an attitude that dating is fun and put yourself out there. Learn to interact with other people and figure out that dating is good.

Dating will help you to meet new people and when you believe that dating is good, you will work harder to be good at it.

You are in control of the outcome of your dating experience. Imagine it as a positive experience and then get out there. Do not worry about meeting the perfect person on the first date, have many dates with many different people. Do not be anxious and learn to change your perspective on dating.

Digital Roadblocks

Using a dating app can make you feel that you have endless options. This can also cause you to get to a point where you have a roadblock in your relationship. This can also make you think there is someone else that will be better out there.

You have to remember that no one is perfect and that if you are not willing to open up to someone that you are talking to, you will never know if they are perfect for you or not.

Use Dating Apps Strategically

Before dating or using a dating app, make sure that you know what it is all about. Some apps are just about getting sex and some of them are about having serious relationships. Remember that technology can be big, and you need to make sure that you are on dating apps that are suggesting the things that you want in life and not something else.

Date in Real Person

You can be one of those people that choose to date in person and not on apps. You can meet your partner or someone you are meant to be with without having to do it online. Put yourself out there, go to clubs or go to places where single people hang out.

You are a person that knows what is best for you and if you find dating to be a frustrating thing, find a way to make it fun. Figure out what dating was like before technology and try it the old-fashioned way. Go out to a place and meet people.

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