No Need to Waste Your Time on Those Who are Fine Losing You
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No Need to Waste Your Time on Those Who are Fine Losing You

Love can be confusing, but you have to decide, at times, to stop fighting when someone says they love you, but they are doing nothing to prove that love. This does not mean people should be forced through some random tests to prove their love to you, but that they are making no effort to keep you by their side through even small things. When you stay in a relationship that is obviously one sided, you are hurting yourself. You are also decreasing the chances that you will find a happy future because you are wasting time and energy on someone who is fine whether you stay or go. Having to constantly fight for someone who does not really care is not a path to true happiness. Be willing to step up and show that you have dignity for yourself. You can tell them that you love them, but love yourself enough not to continue wasting your time on someone that does not care. Remember, just because you choose someone you are willing to fight for does not mean they are willing to do the same.

If the person you are with has proven again and again that they will not put any effort into the relationship, even after you have discussed it, then break the pattern and walk away. This is not an easy choice to make because you are giving up on someone you have genuine feelings for, but if that person is fine with losing you, then it is best for you overall. The heart does not have a reset button, so once you end it, take time to let reality sink in that you tried your hardest, but the efforts were in vain. This may leave you feeling used and mistreated, but you made the choice to walk away. Take time to heal and be willing to look for something much better. Frame it in your mind as a one-time heartbreak that is much better than the repeated heartbreaks you suffered while with someone who did not return your love. Save your heart the pain and end it so you can find someone who truly appreciates you.

Love is not supposed to be hard because if it is, it’s not love. If you believe what you are feeling is love, it really is not. You are in love with the idea of love. You may even love the future you had planned in your head or everything you hoped would be. This is why you have fought so hard. You may even love when your significant other shows you the least bit of attention, even for a second, but you deserve much more. You are not a sometimes girlfriend or a when it is convenient person, you deserve right treatment every day. Overall, you deserve much more than you are receiving. If he does not feel this way, then why continue to allow yourself to be miserable. If the wrong love can feel this intense, imagine how wonderful the right love will feel. You will never find out if you do not let go. Stand up for yourself and show him you are worth more, as is your time. Get up, walk away, and never look back.

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