When They Think You Are Their Forever
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When They Think You Are Their Forever

There are different things that people will do when they think that you are their forever love.

Here are some signs that you are in a relationship that could last forever:


When someone loves you, they will put more effort into showing it. They will want you to be a part of their life for a long time and so they will treat you like you deserve to be treated.


Sex is different when you meet someone that is your forever love. They stop being selfish and they go out of their way to make you feel good. Doing this can be a big thing for both you and your partner.


People that are in love and think they are with their forever partner will begin to act differently. They will be more concerned about your feelings and will communicate better to make you feel good about the relationship.


Someone that wants to be with you forever will want to think about the future. If this is true with the person that you are with, you will see that they want to spend money on you and want to talk about finances and the future with you.

Out of the Way

Loving someone means that you will go out of the way for them. When someone loves you, they are no longer selfish, and they will let you pick the places you eat and the places you go to have fun. They want to do whatever makes you happy because they want you to be happy and to see they love you.


A guy that believes that he is dating his forever lady will be more emotional and vulnerable. Even if a guy is used to hiding their feelings, when they really like someone, they will open up and be more supportive.

Friends and Family

When a guy is in love with you, he will want you to meet all of his friends and family so that he can see if they like you as much as he does.


Being in bed together can be fun but sometimes guys will rush through just to have a good time. When a guy is really about you, they will learn to slow down and will want to spend the future learning to make you happy in bed.


A guy that is into you will make sure that he is making plans for you in his future. He will want to have freedom to know that you are going to be together for the long haul and he will start talking about things such as holidays and maybe even wedding bells.


When a guy starts talking about having children, this is a huge sign that you are their forever partner. Guys generally do not start talking about this subject until they are ready to be serious.

Part of Them

When someone is in love, they will treat you like you are part of them. They will treat you well and will do things to win you over each and every day.


Guys that fall in love will do nice things for you not just for sex but just because they love you.


A guy that likes you and might be in love with you will spend time making her feel good. They will encourage you and want you to be who you are. They will accept you even with your faults.


When a guy likes you, he will begin to ask you for help and for advice. This is a huge sign that you might be his forever.


Guys that like someone will do what they can to spoil their partner. They will bring them their favorite donut or make them their favorite dinner. They might take coffee to them at work or do-little things such as picking up flowers.  Whatever they think you will love; they will want to do so they can see you smile.

Financial Ideas

Being financially stable is a big deal for most men and when a guy decides it is time to get his act together, it could mean that he is falling for you and that he is really ready to commit long-term.


When a guy is ready to save money back to start a family, this is a sure sign that he is thinking that he is with his forever partner. Pay attention to how he talks about the future and what his idea of the future looks like.

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