9 Ways to Tell If Someone Loves You
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9 Ways to Tell If Someone Loves You

Every human being needs to be loved. We get that from family and friends, but there is still an innate desire to be loved on an intimate level by a romantic partner. There are many in relationships where it is toxic and loveless, but some truly life-long relationships still exist. However, sometimes we may not feel like the other person loves us. It could just be a rough spot or maybe the busyness of life has gotten in the way. Maybe you are still early into the relationship but you have strong feelings and want to know if they feel the same. In any event, the three magic words aren’t spoken. How do you know if someone you love is in love with you?

There are plenty of other ways that tell you your love interest loves you.

Below are nine sure ways you can know if someone is in love with you:

  1. They look at you with eye contact.

Psychologists have studied the love look and confirm this is a non-verbal clue that shows a longing for intimacy. It isn’t just looking at you in the eye, this look reveals much deeper feelings. It is a look of care, concern, and admiration. They just love looking at you. They may look at you while you are doing a chore or talking with someone else on the phone. This means they are happy just being around you.

  1. They give you personal space.

They don’t dominate your entire existence. They listen and aren’t suspicious when you express a need for personal space. They don’t flood your phone with texts when you are enjoying time alone and don’t show up on your doorstep uninvited. They seek to respect your need for your own time.

  1. They put their needs aside for yours.

A person who loves you will completely change their plans because you have an emergency. They put your needs ahead of their own and are there for you in a time of crisis. This means they want to care for you and support you when you need it.

  1. They seek to take care of you.

Someone who comes to help you is a great sign that they love you. Love prompts a romantic interest to care for you. They also may ask if you need anything or if you are feeling okay. That is a sign they care about your needs and want to meet them.

  1. They help your self-esteem.

Someone who loves you will make you feel good about the person you are. They can make you feel better about yourself even when you are down. They do this subconsciously as well as intentionally. Their behavior around impacts your relationship and life and seems to lift you.

  1. They seek your advice.

A person who loves you admires you and gives a lot of credence to your views. They respect your wisdom and will ask for your opinion. This is especially true when it comes to major decisions. Asking for your advice also shows your partner trusts you. They are also willing to share their goals and dreams with you and seek your advice on how to get there.

  1. They ask how your day went.

Showing interest in your daily life and want is going on when you aren’t together is a sign your partner loves you. They care about you and how things that happened during the day make you feel. They want to know what in your day makes you happy or upset.

  1. You are introduced to the family.

Inviting someone to meet your family is a big deal. It is something many people put off until they have determined they are ready to get more serious. Family members are those closest to your partner and your partner will care deeply about how their family feels about you. Being introduced to the family is a sign of commitment because they are now wanting those they love the most to get to know you. This could mean they are in the relationship for the long run.

  1. They express their emotions.

This could be difficult for some people to do and may be extremely difficult in relationships. If someone is trying to express their emotions, even if it is challenging to do so, it could mean they are falling in love with you.

Sharing emotions is risky and clearly, you are worth the risk. An attempt to share emotions also means that your partner wants to care for you. Be honored they are trying to share their feelings and consider stepping out of their comfort zone for you.

While you may be looking for signs showing that your partner loves you, you may want to use this to see if you have those types of feelings for your partner. After all, love is a two-way street.

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