Better Ways to Communicate
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Better Ways to Communicate

When you have trouble sharing your feelings in your relationship, it can be hard, especially when they are always bringing up feelings. The good news is that even if you are not able to share your feelings, you can still have a good relationship.

If you are a guy and you have trouble sharing your feelings, you are not alone. You might want to be with someone that you care a lot about and even if you are not able to talk to them about your feelings, you can still learn to communicate better so that you can deepen your communication without sharing your feelings.

Small Talk

Take time to talk about small things without getting into the deep discussion of feelings. You can learn to improve your bond by talking about small things and by having serious conversations that are not too deep.

When your partner talks about a movie or something he or she has a partner with, you can get closer to them by sharing the conversation and by helping them to talk about what they are sharing with you.

You might feel like if you ask more questions that you are being intrusive, but the truth is that if your partner is interested in details of your life, it shows them that you are interested in them. Communication will help you to increase your partners feelings for you.


Take time to share your experiences and talk about things such as bad relationships that you have had or other things that can help you exchange hardships that you have faced. You can talk about your children, if you have any or you can talk about fun times that you have had with family. Talk about things that have conflicted you and learn to share your experiences.

You do not have to share your feelings to improve your relationship and you can do this by showing tiny actions and by showing affection such as holding hands or making eye contact. Learn to be more intimate and share love in silence if you choose to.


Even if you are not the one that is talking always take time to connect by listening. You can be active in your listening and you can learn to acknowledge the truth. You can communicate with a smile or a nod and show that you understand and that you are active in the conversation.

If you disagree with something, express it but make sure you are nice and that you are not accusing in the discussion.


Always ask questions if you don’t know the answer.

Talk About You

Take time to talk about yourself but make sure that you take time to know about your partner too. Get to know each other and take a chance to listen.

Hidden Moments

Always be aware of the times you have together and try to put your feelings into words. Spend time together and be happy and you can make your relationship stronger without talking about your feelings. Do this when you are ready.

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