Letting Go of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You
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Letting Go of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Do you love someone that doesn’t love you back and you hoped for a long time that his feelings would change, and he would love you more? Did you think that you would end up with him and you guys would live a long and fulfilled life? Do you feel like you are to the point where you should let go of him and move on?

If you have to go through this, this is something that is hard. Nothing is harder than having your heart broken and being with someone that does not love you back. It is good that you are willing to recognize that this relationship is not working out for you and by letting them go, chances are you will open your life to find someone that loves you like you deserve.

Here are some things that you need to think about if you are in this kind of relationship:

How Determined Are You?

Before you decide to change your life, you have to decide how determined you are to get past this relationship and have a good life.

If you are really ready to move forward and you are letting go of everything that could cause you not to be able to leave, you are on the right step. Make sure you are strong enough to move forward.

If you feel that you cannot really agree with those things and you are longing for there to be a little more hope, maybe you are moving too fast and you need to take more time to heal before you leave.


Take time to make a list about how you think he loves you and how you feel that he doesn’t love you.

Maybe he doesn’t try to spend quality time with you or maybe he is not being intentional or returning your calls or messages. When you go to bed, maybe he is not loving on you or kissing you goodnight. Maybe he has shown no respect for you and he does not appreciate all the good things you do for him.

If you have these feelings in your gut about your guy, chances are you are ignoring these things and you need to open your eyes.

Stop fooling yourself and accept the fact that he does not love you the way that you want to be loved. If you keep holding out hope and wonder if he is going to one day wake up and be madly in love with you, chances are you are just refusing to leave him because you are afraid.

If you believe that you can keep holding on and your partner will change, it is time for you to take a good and hard look at your relationship and understand that you can let him go.

What do you want in your relationship?  When you think of the perfect relationship, what does it look like to you? Find someone that can meet the needs that you have.

Make a list of the things that you want in your life and then make a list of the things that you are not getting in your current relationship.

When you finish your list, look them over. Find out if you are thinking clearly or if you are being over emotional. Break up with this person and be determined to have a better life.


It is time to have closure and end the relationship that you are in if you are unhappy. Closure is not what you really think it is, closure is when you cut off the guy that you are leaving, and you move on. Stop going out with him or talking to him when you cannot make your relationship work.

When you decide the relationship is over, just completely cut him off. Stop looking at his social media, delete his phone number and do not go to places where you went together.

You need to get away from this person who is an addiction to you and change the way that you think and act. Every time you contact him or go around him, it can make it harder for you to end the relationship.

Find Another Love

Some people stay in bad relationships because they are afraid that they can never find love. They don’t think that they will ever be happy or ever find anyone that will truly love them. They think they will be alone forever.

If this is you, chances are you are not breaking up with this person because you are afraid of being alone. When you stay with someone that is not giving you the love and attention that you need, you are losing the chance of meeting someone that can truly love you.

If you find you are in a terrible relationship, break up with this person and move on. Have fun in your life and meet new people.

Go Out

Once you break up, you are free to do what makes you happy. Take time to go out with people and put yourself out on the market. This does not mean you need to fall in love immediately, just go and have fun. Dress up and fix yourself, flirt, laugh and have fun.

Eventually you will find new love and until then, you will have the freedom of being single.

Letting Go is Hard

When you have feelings for someone, it is hard to let go of them. You spend much of your time dreaming of your future being good and the love of your life giving you what you want and need.

Be determined to get the love that you want and deserve and if that means breaking up with the person you are with, do this. Take a step towards action to make your life better.

Saying goodbye is never easy and it will be painful but once you get past the pain, you will see that you can find someone that can love you forever, someone that can love you the way that you want to be happy. You can and will be happy.

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