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16 Ways You Know They Show You They Love You Without Words

  1. They give you thoughtful gifts. You might not receive fancy jewelry, but you can count on them to give you items that are special and meaningful to you. Perhaps they know you love sunflowers, and for your birthday you received a sunflower mug made by a local potter.  Or maybe during the holidays you received a number of gifts that you had mentioned needing throughout the rest of the year.
  2. They perform the chores that annoy you. Some people rather show you that they love you through everyday actions rather than words or gifts. They know you so well and want to see you happy, they view doing tasks you dislike doing as a great way to support you.
  3. They want to share your interests. They enjoy asking you questions about a show you are watching or a reading a book because they know it will make you happy.
  4. They constantly think about you. If they seem to constantly find ways to connect you to the stories they recall or things you both did together, then there is strong probability they love you.
  5. They love talking to their loved ones about you. Love means wanting to shout it from the rooftops, especially to people that means the most to them.
  6. They relish every moment with you. They may get tons of invitation for a night out with friends, but they would rather spend the evening on the couch with you.
  7. They are attentive. The little details in your life matter to them. They care about you so much that they will focus on even the small aspects of your life to show you they care.  You can count on dinners or dates with them to be free of distractions and complete attention on one another.
  8. You know you are being thought about. It can be as simple as a cute meme texted to you, or a phone call when they hear your favorite song. But they will always let you know you are at the forefront of their mind.
  9. They are there instantaneously when you need them. If you are in distress, there is no doubt they are there for you as soon as possible. They are there for you without any question, compliant, or need to return the favor.  It feels like they have quickly become the most reliable person in your life.
  10. They know immediately when you are upset. They are so focused on you and your wellbeing they notice the subtlest shift in your emotional state.
  11. They give affection freely.
  12. You’re their ride or die. Your opinion is the one that matters most in their life. You ground them.  They know that no matter what, you will always be there.
  13. You’re each other’s biggest supporter. You both are realistic about each other’s goals and will do anything to help each other attain them.
  14. Forgives easily. You both may have disagreements, but they are able to work through any frustration. You guys understand healthy communication is essential and are willing to put in the hard work.  Love isn’t easy but together you can conquer anything.
  15. They are proud of you. Sometimes they brag about you so much, that it seems they are more excited about your accomplishments than you are.
  16. You constantly find them staring at you and smiling. This is a clue sign they are head over heels in love with you.

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