Reasons to Not Love Your Partner Unconditionally
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Reasons to Not Love Your Partner Unconditionally

Even though you love someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you love all things about them, and it doesn’t mean that you have to love them unconditionally.  Deals are broken for a reason and you have a right to walk away from someone if they are not treating you right or if you cannot work through the relationship.  Here are some reasons why you should not love your partner with unconditional love:

Do Their Part

Being in a relationship means that everyone should do their part.  People should put half of the effort in if they want to be in a relationship together.  If both parties want the relationship to be happy then it means that both have to pull their weight and not do the minimum that they can get by with.  You should only love someone by what they are giving back into the relationship.


It is important to have boundaries in all relationships and boundaries are meant to make people comfortable and to keep people safe.  Boundaries in all relationships should be followed.

Dating Advice

If you are wanting to have good relationship advice, find help online or go to a counselor.  If you are worried about something, find someone that you can tell and someone you can talk to.

Deal Breakers

Are some things that are not acceptable such as cheating and any kind of abuse.  If you are dealing with this, then you should leave them.  Unconditional love would be a reason that you would try to make the relationship work anyways.

Have a list of deal breakers and remember if they ever come up that you can leave them. Your gift of love is that a gift.

Choosing Someone Different

Most unconditional love happens between family members and loving a partner is different because you have a reason to be around them.  If they don’t make you happy then they don’t have your heart’s interest, and this means you can let the relationship come to an end.


When you have a partner that refuses to change, and you want to change then this could lead you to a place where you are not in love with them.

Falling out of love with someone happens when you choose to go different ways in life.  This love might not stay the same and it can grow, or it can get less.  You shouldn’t feel bad when this happens.


One person that you should love unconditionally is yourself.  This means that you should be respected and speak up for yourself when you need to.  If you are in a relationship where you feel unloved, move on.  The longer you choose to stay the worse they can treat you.

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