Signs He is Cheating on You
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Signs He is Cheating on You

One of the hardest things that a person can deal with is someone cheating on them.  If you ever wonder if your man is cheating on you then you are not alone.  Many people think that their man is cheating, and many people have had experience with their partner cheating on them.

Trusting in your relationship and believing in your partner is important.  Sometimes trust can be broken, and this can cause you to have a hard relationship.  Not having trust in a relationship can bring out mental situations, strong emotions and consequences in the relationship.

What makes things worse is that if your guy is cheating on you then he will be doing things to make sure that you do not know that he is cheating.  This is why many women feel paranoid and crazy when they ask their spouse or partner about cheating.

Facing Fears

There are different types of people that have gut feelings and they feel in their heart that their lover is cheating on them.  This is not something that is easy to face, and no one wants to have to justify what their partner is doing because they want things to just be okay and to work out.

When you don’t want to admit anything is wrong, this is natural because it helps you not to have to face if they are cheating or not.  The thing is, if he is cheating or not, you need to find out what is going on so that you can learn to move on with your partner or you can break up with them and find someone else to love.


When you begin to think someone is cheating on you, there are ways that you can resolve it but first you have to find out the truth.  You don’t have to make a decision right away even if you know about the cheating and you can prepare yourself and how you want to handle things.

Here are some signs that your guy might be cheating on you:


If your partner is working on how he looks and he is not trying to impress you, this can be a sign that he is cheating.  Of course, he might be wanting to improve his confidence so do not jump to conclusion, just pay attention to the signs.

Phone Habits

There was a time when your man didn’t care if you got on his phone and you always knew his passcode.  If he has changed it and does not allow you around it and he have messages popping up but doesn’t look at them while you are there, then there is a problem.  If he is being secretive then chances are, he is up to something.


If your guy is cheating on you and all of a sudden you are getting more sex then normal, chances are he could be having sex with you because he feels guilty.  Any chances in sexual habits need to be discussed and paid attention to.

New Foods and Drink

When you like someone you know what they like and if your partner all of a sudden has different tastes than he had in the past, chances are you need to find out where he has gotten this new tastes from.


Intimacy does not mean sex and when you are connected to someone you should be close.  If you feel like your man is acting like a stranger, something is going on.


If your guy all the time seems critical then he might be up to something.


When your man is busy all the time, chances are he is busy with someone.  You need to find out where he is, especially if he is making excuses.

Dating Profile

One of the biggest red flags is if your man has a dating profile.  Find out why.


Another major thing to question is if he has been hiding his receipts.  This is a sign of deception and you should be suspicious of it.

Being Unhappy

Not all cheaters go out and look to cheat but some do because they are unhappy in the relationship.  If you or your partner are unhappy, this could mean he is cheating.

New Things

If your guy develops weird hobbies or has a new female friend that he failed to mention, this can be a sign.


Guilt can cause your guy to have mood swings.  If you find that he is acting stranger than normal, then this can be a sign of cheating.


No one can live two lives at one time so if you find that your guy is always preoccupied then this could mean he is cheating on you.

Texts and Emails

If your man is guilty of cheating and he offers to show you his texts or emails it could be assigning that he is trying to throw you off the path of his cheating.  If he acts shady about something, then he might hope that you are not seeing his phone and thinking he is cheating.


Being defensive is a sign of cheating and if he shuts down when you ask questions or gets frustrated, more might be going on.


Your man’s family and friends might think he is cheating and even if they support him, it could cause them to be uncomfortable or distant when you are around.


If there is a change in financial arrangements or if you are noticing that he is spending more than normal and when you ask, he is strange about it, this can be a sign.


If your man is not concerned about your needs, then chances are he is disconnected from you.

Missing Clothes

If you have noticed that some of your guys clothes are missing or if he is washing his own laundry all of a sudden, this can be a red flag.

Browser History

When someone is trying to hide something, they will clear their browsing history.  If you find this to be the case, have your man explain.


A guilty person will talk too much and will always want to over explain their actions.  If you find this happening, pay attention.

Second Phone

A guy that has a second phone or email account can be a clue that he is cheating.

I Love You

When a man stops telling his woman that he lovers her, he might be doing this because he is guilty.

Style Changes

He usually dresses differently or does things differently than he is now and this can be a sign.  Maybe his lover is wanting him to dress differently and have a different style.

Showers at Weird Times

He does not want you to smell the scent of his other woman and so if he is showering at weird times you need to find out why.


If you can smell the scent of another woman on him then you need to not ignore this.  A guy should not smell like another woman unless she is very close to him.


If he is telling you strange stories, then he might be wanting to deceive you.  See how he covers up where he has been.


If your guy makes you think you are paranoid, then he could be trying to hide things from you and make you feel bad.

Strange Hairs

Makeup and hairs travel where people are and if you find weird hair or makeup on his clothes or on the bed sheets, chances are he is cheating on you.


If you are with someone that has had the same routine forever and then all of a sudden that changes then this is a sig n that he is doing something different without you knowing.

Gut Feeling

We all have a gut feeling and intuition.  If you feel that there is something that you need to pay attention to, then pay attention to it.

Friends Dislike Him

When your friends have always supported your relationship and then all of a sudden, they have decided they don’t like him, there is a reason.  Chances are they have begun to see that he is up to no good.  They might want to see if you are happy and not say too much because they don’t want you to be hurt.  Pay attention to their feelings towards your man.

Passenger Seat Moved

There is no reason that the passenger seat in a car has changed positions unless you are taking someone in your car that is different than the person that always rides there.  If the seat has been changed, this can be a bad sign.

Carries Himself

When your guy begins to change or bounce around, chances are he has a sudden change in behavior, and this can be a sign he is cheating.

New Phrases

We tend to pick up the phrases of people we are around a lot.  If you notice that your man has picked up new phrases or things he is saying, chances are he is around someone new and is emotionally invested in them.


When you are with someone that is cheating, they will feel guilty that they are cheating on you and they will begin to think that you are cheating too.  This can cause them to be jealous of you and wherever you are.  If they are always questioning you about your whereabouts, chances are they are cheating on you.

Once you realize that these signs are here and that you are missing out on life with your partner, you need to figure out if you think they are cheating or not.  There could be more than one sign of this and as they begin to build up, you will see more and more who they are.

Catching Them

It is never a good feeling when you suspect that your partner is cheating, especially if you have no proof.  You have to find the truth and find out if your partner is being real to you.  You might be going through a lot in your mind because you can’t imagine life without them and so this might cause you to delay looking deeply into things.

You will come to a point where you have to find out the truth.

Step 1

The first step of catching a cheater is that you have to find out if they are really cheating on you.  Follow your gut feeling and if you are acting out of paranoia, you will find out.

There are different ways that you will communicate with your partner and so before you decide if they are cheating or not you need to step back and look deep into your relationship

Step 2

You have to figure out if you are being paranoid or if there are real signs.  You need to make sure to protect your relationship from unnecessary problems and you can do this by paying attention and by finding out without letting your partner know if they are cheating or not.  Protect yourself and make a plan to decide if they are cheating or if it is just you.

Talk to Friends

Find friends to talk to that you can trust.  You need to ask them and tell them what you are noticing and see what kind of advice that they give you.  Your friends love you and will give you the best advice that they can give you.

If you are having troubles with this, ask a psychic to tell you if your partner is cheating.  They can help confirm what your feelings are telling you.

Step 3

You have to make a plan in case you catch them cheating.  Do you plan on leaving them?  Are you prepared emotionally and mentally for this to happen?  You will feel shocked and upset, even if you suspect it to be true.  This can bring on grief and sadness and can be too much to handle.

Planning Against Manipulation

A man that is cheating will try to make you feel crazy if you accuse them.  Prepare for this and know that this strategy is to stop them from feeling guilty and to make you stop believing they are guilty.

If you are with a partner that is cheating, then they will keep getting smarter.  If you confront them and you have support and proof, then you need to put up your defenses

Step 4

Try to get evidence if you think your partner is cheating.  Go to the gym where they normally go and see if they are where they say they are going to be.

Tell them that you will be out later than you plan on being and then get home early and do not announces it.  Make excuses for going out of town and then cutting the vacation short.

Pay attention to the signals around you and follow your hunches.

Ask Specific Questions

Ask questions that are specific instead of accusing them.  Do not let the environment be hostile and instead of being accusing, ask specific questions and see what their responses are and how they talk to you.


Pay attention at home and in their car and see if you smell a woman or if you see hairs or other things that should not be in your home.

Get pictures that you can have if they try to tell you that you are wrong.


Pay attention to the patterns of your partner and see if they have changed their image or who they are.  This can be a big sign.


Look at their phone when they leave it laying around and look for messages or pictures that should not be there.  Maybe they will forget to delete their emails or their pictures.  Put a spy app on their phone.

Find My Partner App

Track your partner and install the “find my partner” app where you can figure out if they are where they say they are or not.  If your partner accidentally finds out that the app is in their phone, play it off.

Social Media

Pay attention to their social media and what they are doing needs to be explained.  See if someone is talking to them or if they are liking all of his pictures.  Look for other clues.  Find out what pictures the person has liked and monitor them online.

Talk to a psychic and have them help you to know if your partner is cheating or not.


Look inside of the trash and see if you have any evidence that they are trying to hide.  Look for phone numbers or suspicious receipts or gift wrap.


Put in a hidden camera and record what they do when you are not there.


Hire a private investigator to find out what your partner is doing.  This can be expensive, but you can find out their every move.

Follow Them

Follow your partner and see what he or she is up to.  If you find out they are cheating on you, confront them.


You should be able to tell if your partner is cheating on you with or without evidence.  You can ask them questions and know how they respond to you if they are being honest with you or not.

When things begin to change at home, this is a big sign that your partner is cheating on you can then make a decision as to what you are going to do next in your relationship.

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