The truth about trying to love again after a heartbreak
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The truth about trying to love again after a heartbreak

You can only forget the past by acknowledging the future

This involves going through what you definitely need to go through but you don’t feel anything. You are now used to everything. You have gone through a lot of pain until you can’t remember when you last had peace.

Individuals advise you to go out meet new people and date but every time you try this you find yourself remembering and longing for that individual that exists in your memory only.

You seem happy but at the back of your mind, you keep remembering that individual who caused you pain and you are now questioning if that will happen again and if everything is worth it. When you have thoughts can’t control but really want to, it means you are a victim of emotional cheating.

This involves an individual paying much attention to you making you want to reciprocate this but you don’t know how to.

You always want them to know what they are getting themselves into and you’d understand if they leave. But you decide to keep quiet.

It’s like you want them to know that you have really given so much to others and you don’t know what you can offer them. You are aware they are not the one who hurt you, therefore, you try to give them your best and the little you can. You are still trying to pick yourself up.

It is due to the frequent pain and the anxiety that this individual leaves that you end up ruining everything.

However, this individual is different because they don’t let you.

The truth is you are afraid of loving again because you contemplate it’s going to cause you pain. You don’t know that the love you fear is the one that will heal you.

You are curious to feel loved again but you don’t know how to do it.

You take your time not to fall too quickly.

It takes courage to fall in love again after you’ve been hurt. Falling in love after a heartbreak challenges both of you.

This individual has to take you slow. If they need you in their future, then they have to learn about your past.

They are responsible for your healing even though they are not the ones who caused you pain.

They educate you that it’s fine to hurt but to heal also is good. They educate you on how to do away with your pain. Regardless of the fact that you might feel you have nothing to offer them, this individual gives everything that nobody else did.

Then you start getting treated the way you treated everyone else. It’s through all these that you heal.

You came to understand that it’s not loving that hurt you in the past, but somebody who lacked love did.

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