Signs of Obsession
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Signs of Obsession

It is not always easy to see signs of obsession, especially if you care about someone and they seem to care so much about you.

When you spend time with a guy that has been giving you all of his love and supporting you, making your dreams come true, it can be hard to spot an obsessive love that is going on.

There are some people that can get obsessed with their partners and turn on them and do things like ghost them, chase them or not allow them to spend time with their family or friends without causing a problem.

These guys sometimes will be very normal at the beginning of the relationship and then they will all of a sudden begin to manipulate you and become controlling. They don’t need anyone but you in their life and these can be very dangerous men because the way they are acting and what they are doing is not love.

There are even some cases in relationships where the other person has no clue that their partner has become obsessed because the relationship seems so normal. It is a situation here the guy changed over time and now he no longer makes you feel good and the truth is, the relationship is only going to get worst.

You have to come to a point where you realize that you are not going to be able to change him and cause him to get over his obsessive behavior and you will have to leave him.

Here are some warning signs that you might be dating someone that will turn obsessive on you.


A guy that is overly clingy can become a problem. Of course, when the relationship first begins, you will want to spend as much time with the person that you like as you can. Maybe you won’t want to be alone and you will want them around all the time. But as time goes on, you will want to have some alone time and to spend time with your family and friends.

A guy that will not accept a relationship with your friends and family members will likely have some type of obsessive-compulsive disorder or some type of mental issue. This is an unhealthy relationship and you need to end it fast.

The last thing that you will need is to have your heart broken or to lose your self-esteem.


It is nice to have someone send you texts to check on you but if they are texting every few minutes, they need to understand that they are not the center of your world. You might have a job or school or other things in your life and you need to have those times for you.

Your guy needs to have time with other people and hobbies that he likes, and he cannot suffocate you and make you feel that you should treat him as the only person alive. If this keeps happening, you will realize that you are in a bad relationship.

It is great if they message you sometimes and take some time out of their day to check on you but if he is bombarding your texts, social media and your life, you will not be able to focus on your work or your life. You have to set boundaries, or you will have problems later on.

If you cannot understand that you need to have your own time as well, then he is not loving you in a healthy way. A man that respects you will not do this to you when he knows you are working.

Role Model

It is good to be a role model to someone but when you meet a guy and he tells you that you are his role model right away then you should take that as a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder.

He hasn’t even had time to get to know you and his behavior is showing you that he is obsessed with you and if you think twice about if you should go on a second date with this guy, then this is a sign that you are making a good choice by questioning him.

He doesn’t have life experience and he doesn’t know anything about love. You have to feel good about who you are when you are with someone and if you are leaving not feeling that way, let him go.

Rejection Brings Anger

One of the most common signs of an obsessive relationship is that a guy cannot take not as an answer. Someone that you are dating has to be able to accept no as an answer and be able to move on and let things go. If you are in a relationship, you have to be able to tell a guy if you want to do something or not and if he cannot accept it, you need to move on.

Always have rules in your relationship. Even if he says he loves you but will not say that he is wrong, you need to be calm and realize he is not the right person for you. Move on so you can find the perfect match for you.

Killing Himself

When a guy threatens to kill himself if you leave him, he is blackmailing you emotional and he will do that because he knows that you love him and you don’t want him to hurt himself. You do not need a man in your life like this.

If he does this at the beginning of the relationship, you will realize that when things become serious that it will get worse. He needs to know that he cannot manipulate you and that you need good energies in your life.

He will not kill himself, but he does this to make you feel guilty for doing what you want to do.


A guy that stalks you is obsessed with you. He will check up on you everywhere you go, and he will go to parties that he is not invited to and say it is a coincidence.

If this happens, he might be insane, and you need to know that things will continue to get worse. Stop the relationship right away and consider a restraining order.


When a guy talks about marriage on the first day, they are probably not very mentally healthy. Even though we have all thought about how great it would be to find the perfect love on the street, the truth is we know this is not real and not normal.

If a guy knows you are the one for him, he does not need to be obsessive and weird about it and if he keeps talking about it then chances are you are with someone that is obsessive.

Checking Your Phone

When someone checks your phone, it is a sign of insecurity, jealousy and obsessiveness. He will read your message that you send to other people and he wants to figure out what men you talk to. He will read what you send to your best friend so that he can know exactly what you are doing.

He uses the time that you are not there to look and read your messages. He is not protecting your privacy and it is not normal for him to invade your privacy throughout the day. If he is insecure then that is the reason that he does it.

He most likely has a personality disorder and he need to be a guy that will love and support you and not snoop and act jealous. Think about your future before you get in too deep.

Yes Man

When you have a guy that says yes to everything you ask chances are that he is not being real. No one has the same opinions on everything all the time.

If you are a woman and he is a man you will not think the same and that is what makes you unique in your relationships.

If you feel that he won’t say what he is thinking, this is a sign of obsession. A guy like this will only act like this for a certain time before he explodes and one day you will be the victim.

Talk to him openly and be honest with him. You need to talk to have a healthy relationship and this is a good start.

Always There

A guy that will not leave no matter how badly you treat him is someone that is not having good mental health. He will keep calling you and messaging you and bringing you things and this is a sign that he has no self-respect.

No matter how poorly you treat him, he is still there. This should be a sign that you will not be able to get away from him easily and you need to really consider this relationship.

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