Attract Women and Have them Come After You
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How to Attract Women and Have them Come After You

When a woman thinks that a guy likes her too much she sometimes gets turned away. Even though the movies and television make you think that you can win someone over by impressing them with expensive things or by taking them out constantly, chances are that you might be seeking out a gold digger.

What if you want to attract a perfect lady? You don’t want to be too needy or it will make her feel that she is more powerful than you and so you have to figure out how to make her attracted to you.

One of the biggest chases in life are relationship chases. Instead of calling a girl all the time or being overly available, you have to figure out how to do the opposite. You cannot start a relationship by being overly romantic and you have to have a personality that makes her more attracted to you.

Having fun and being able to make conversation and being confident will help her to want you but being desperate won’t.

Be Attractive

Women that are attractive often have guys going after them. If you are around a woman that you act uninterested in, then you will see that she will want to chase you.

She will become desirable of you and you will attract her. Give her some attention but don’t be desperate. Show interest and let her wonder if you really are interested or not.

Show her that you have options of other women and that you can walk away anytime that you want. If you want to be more attractive, you have to show her that you are confident and that you are different than other guys.

You must be confident, and you need to show her that you are fun and that you have a good sense of humor.

If you don’t show interest though, she will not want to chase you, but you just need to show her interest in little bits.


When you find a woman that you like and you are attracted to, you have to impress her. You need to approach her in a different way and not just come on to her.

Do not go after her and buy her things but instead impress her by the way that you communicate with her. Disagree with her when she is wrong and you don’t agree with her and if you want to tell her no, do it.

Sometimes acting indifferent to a woman will make you have the upper hand in the relationship. You need to be playful with her and you need to communicate with your body to show her that you are attracted to her without chasing her.

When you meet a woman that you want, act like you isn’t that interested in her and have manly behaviors that cause her to have a spark towards you.

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