Getting Back with Your Ex
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Getting Back with Your Ex

Do you feel that your relationship with your ex is worth fixing?  Are you heartbroken by their actions and from breaking up with them but still considering reconciling the relationship and getting back with them?

Before you consider divorce with your cheating ex, there are things you need to know first.  Do you want to fix this relationship or does the marriage just feel comfortable because you know all about him?

The first thing that normally happens I that you start to wonder why these things have happened and why you didn’t see the signs.  You might wonder what you did wrong.

After you figure out about this and let the relationship settle down, you become anger and think about all of the things that have happened.  You wonder if this was a plan from the beginning or if you should get revenge.

Some people will jump at this chance to get back at their partner and others will want to make it work out completely and go all in.  You must see if you are making the right choices to get back with a cheating ex.


When you want to get back to your partner that has cheated with you, you have to know if they are committed to making this work out.  The relationship will require both of you to put away your selfish needs and figure out if you love each other and why.

Make sure that they are not blaming you for what they did and if they are manipulating you then don’t give in to them and let them back with you.  If all they do is blame you and say it was your fault they cheated, then they are not ready to work it out.


Being alone is not that bad and you should never consider working out a relationship just for fear of being alone.  Loneliness is not an excuse to get back with a cheating partner.

Being alone is a time where you can reflect on who you are and think about the things that were denied you when you were in that relationship.  Maybe you never got to go out on special dates or visit states you wanted to go.

Find out who you are and don’t go back to someone without a good reason.  You have to understand that you are worth having a happy life.


Sometimes a couple will have problems and they have children.  They will stay together even when the relationship is toxic so that they don’t have to worry about hurting the children.  The only thing that this will do is allow your partner to use you and your children.

Raise them part time and don’t worry about being divorced.  This can be hurtful to you and to your kids for a little bit bu they will get over it.  Separating can be healthier in the end for everyone.

No Where to Go

Some people work out relationships because they feel that they have no where to go and they can’t escape.  The truth is, there are always places that you can go.  Find a roommate and let people help you.

There are houses and friends, parents and other people that can help you and take you in.  If you are being abused by your partner, leave.

Never feel trapped in a relationship because of money.  All things are only temporary, and you can find a way out.

Finding out that your partner cheated can put you in a situation where you feel burdened financially.  Don’t be with someone just because you have no money.

There has to be a real reason to fight things out and to find common ground so the relationship can be worth it in the end.

You cannot fix people and you need to not try to do that.  If the relationship is meant to work out, it will be healthy and healing for everyone.

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