8 Behaviors People Display When They are In Love
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8 Behaviors People Display When They are In Love

  1. They listen attentively: Women may have been scientifically shown to be better listeners than men, but men will listen closely when they are invested in something.  Whenever you observe someone using the skill called active listening, where they pay acute attention to you and respond consciously, they you know they are smitten.
  2. Willing to sacrifice: People are prone to compromising or sacrificing for someone they love.  This is because one can’t fathom the thought of their person ever being unhappy when there could be something, they could do to improve things.  A person who loves you, will always prioritize your needs, even if this means having to alter plans or leave their comfort zone.
  3. Ability to be vulnerable: People can often mistake vulnerability as weakness.  However, to fully love someone you must show them all sides of you.  People in love will trust their partner with their feelings and innermost thoughts and concerns.  As you reciprocate this deep level of sharing, you bond will undoubtedly grow.
  4. They treasure you, even at your worst or lowest: Not every day will be sunshine and roses.  You won’t always dress up the way you did on your first day.  But a loving partner thinks you are just as stunning with messy hair and in sweats, as you are with full make-up and with your cutest dress and heels.  You might even be sick, but all they can see if your winning smile and unique sense of humor.
  5. They constant show their pride in you: It seems like they are singing your praises from your humor, to your cooking styles, to your recent accomplishment at work, to your loving nature.  Even if you both are competitive, they take a sense of pride when you manage to beat them in a game.
  6. Fights for you: You are their end goal.  No matter the situation, they always show up for you.  You could even try to push them away, but they stick by your side through thick and thin.  If you happen to be wronged, they are the first to come to your defense.
  7. Willingness to argue with you: When you are wrong, they will call you out!  When a person is emotionally invested, they will be willing to fight (fair) with you so you can air and resolve your problems.  By voicing their opposition, they are showing their level of commitment.
  8. Respectful to your loved ones: If someone matters to you, they matter to your partner.  This is because they know you value your connections to your friends and family, and your lover never wants you have hurt feelings.  This includes keep any snide comments about a loved one’s quirks or faults to themselves.

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