Is it love or uncertainty?
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Is it love or uncertainty?

There is always uncertainty between a relationship that’s filled with excitement and drama and love.

Even though a relationship might be unhealthy, there are factors and traits that can romantically attach us to an individual. Whatever we see as qualities of love always lead to the breakdown of the relationship. To begin with, what is love? It is healthy to define love as a connection between two individuals with the same interest but different identities. Their bond is also stronger based on how they handle their differences.

Normally, the qualities that are displayed in a healthy relationship may also be displayed in an unhealthy one. There are features of a relationship that may make you ignore the red flags. Humans have the capability to focus on what’s good and do away with disappointments and this might make someone believe it is love while it is uncertainty.

There is uncertainty between relationships. That relationship that’s full of love and intimacy may be confused with that’s full of drama since drama makes a relationship intriguing and exciting. There is a chance that drama can attach us to another individual and this leads to uncertainty.

There are also sometimes when empathy is confused with love. In this case, someone might confuse the calling to help another individual as a romantic attachment. Love and excitement can also be confused especially when a relationship starts with heavy alcohol consumption or being attracted to each other sexually. There is a high chance of the relationship lacking the important parts of a healthy attachment. There is a possibility that you will avoid your true needs and also disregard what’s not there in the relationship.

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