Getting Him to Chase You
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Getting Him to Chase You

Maybe your father always told you not to be the one to call the guys. This advice was timeless wisdom that the older people knew and that some of us are just learning.

Your dad probably realized that one day you would want to be dating someone and that you would possibly be the person that would want to pursue the relationship. But the truth is, if you have to be the one to ask a guy out, even if it made you feel independent and strong, chances are that you would always wonder if the guy really liked you or not.

Being independent would eventually fade and your trust for their feelings for you would stay the same. Maybe you would wonder if the guy really feelings for you had since you were the one that asked him out and not the other way around.

Most guys will date someone that he is interested in or someone that is ready to date. Going after a guy does not make him like you more and it does not increase your chances of being in a happy relationship. When you are the one chasing, chances are you will end up in a disappointing relationship.

Making the first move can give you power, of course, but women that are the ones that pursue the relationship often do this because the guys give them signs that they are interested. These signs can come in non-verbal behaviors, eye contact, touching and more. When this happens, the accuracy of them liking you is high.

Some women feel that they need to make the first move, especially in our world today. The difference is that people often are known for giving out different messages and sometimes we read people wrong. When you want to clear up the confusion to if someone likes you or not, here are some ways to do it.

Texting Him

If a guy leaves you his number and then does not text you, then you should think it over before you make a move. If you text a guy after a first date, this can be different. Giving your number to a guy can be flirty but if you are the one calling or texting first, chances are that he does not like you.

This guy would probably tell you that if he was attracted to you that he would text you or call you and the point of a relationship is that you want him to go after you. Let him come after you.

Filling the Gaps

Some women do not want to make a man feel that she is chasing him, but guys need to know what you want. They need you to give them signals and they want you to show interest in them. You can smile at them or ask questions, make eye contact, or suggest places that are fun to go.

If you feel that you are doing most of the talking or doing more work than you feel like you should have to do, then this can mean he is not really planning on dating you. Chances are you are wasting your time. If a guy really likes you, he will make a move.

Planting Yourself

There is nothing wrong with accidently running into a guy you like. This can happen naturally if you give things time but if you are always where he is, chances are you are giving him too many chances to ask you out.

Once you give your guy a lot of opportunities and he is not making a move, then you need to back off. This could mean that you are not that interesting to him.

Remember that meeting someone is fun and exciting, but you want to make sure that you are meeting someone that is right for you and this can start with the chase. Let the guy chase you and then you will know how he really feels about you. Do not spend your time chasing someone that is not interested in you and know your self-worth.

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