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Block Energy Vampires in 15 Steps

If you have recently found yourself drained of motivation after spending time with another person, you might have been a victim of an energy vampire.  You can prevent being impacted by other malevolent beings by setting clear boundaries for yourself and taking simple precautions to deter from people sucking your vital life energy.

These following 15 steps can help you avoid falling prey to an energy vampire:

  1. Identify and Retreat

The people most at risk of being targeted by energy vampires are those who are empathic.  If you are someone who is a giver, be attentive to how others make you feel after a conversation.  If someone causes you to feel depleted, annoyed, anxious or depressed seriously consider limiting future interactions.  Weigh the health and necessity of your relationship.  If your relationship has limited worth it might be best to cease contact.  If they are someone close to you trying to work with a professional to learn safe boundaries and coping skills.

  1. Time Management

In order to help others, you need to make sure your needs are met first.  Understand your energy limits and adhere to them in your daily activities and interactions.  Always make sure you leave time in your day to focus on self-care.

  1. Argue Smarter, Not Harder

If you find yourself in conflict with someone know when to walk away.  People with rigid beliefs won’t readily switch their perceptive, it can only happen on their schedule.  Continuing a disagreement with people like this will only leach you of time and energy.

  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy!

The happier you are, the less likely it is that you will be targeted by an energy vampire.  These depressed individuals seek to have others feel the same way they do.  If you maintain a positive attitude you will most likely be able to recognize a toxic person and navigate away from them.

  1. Avoidance

If you are finding yourself in a rough mental pattern, the best way to avoid energy depletion is to avoid encountering an energy vampire.  Use this opportunity to recognize what is causing your depression and focusing on self-care.

  1. Keep a Low Social Media Profile

If you broadcast your entire life online, you are essentially creating a magnetic pull for toxic people.  This is especially true of people who are prone to snap judgments.  Anything you put online, you need to be ready to explain and expand upon.  If you don’t want feedback on a situation avoid posting about it on your social media channels.

  1. Have a Buddy System in Crowds

If you find yourself near a vampire try to bring a few friends into the conversation.  This will create a buffer and avoid you (or another single individual) from being targeted.  Instead the group will split the impact and prevent any single individual from being drained.

  1. Don’t Keep Direct Eye-Contact

If you are finding yourself be zapped of energy during a conversation start to lower your gaze.  By only having periodic eye-contact, you signal to this energy sucker that you aren’t being charmed by them and you aren’t emotionally-connected to their words and actions.

  1. Focus on Listening

Most of our conversation energy is release when one talks.  If you find you are becoming exhausted by an interaction, don’t engage with open-ended questions.  Instead, consider nodding or using single syllable responses.  This will benefit both parties as you get to keep your energy and the talker gets to voice their opinion.

  1. Know your Self-Worth

Anytime you find yourself getting anxious or saddened in a conversation pull inside yourself.  Begin to focus on deep diaphragmic breathing and manifest positive thoughts.  Afterward, take time for yourself to meditate and rebalance your energy.

  1. Change the Subject

The best way to maintain high vibrations while dealing with an energy zapper is to focus on light-hearted topics.

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On

Energy vampires are attention seekers and are looking for you to react.  Even if you you’re your tensions boiling over, focus on maintaining a neutral look and your breath.  By keeping calm, the negativity will pass by and not glom onto you.

  1. When in Doubt, Leave

You always have the ability to maintain your freewill.  If you find yourself at an impasse, calmly excuse yourself and find some positivity people to be around instead.

  1. Become Teflon

The best way to avoid becoming depleted is to not let actions or words stick to you.  If you can focus on letting things roll off you like water on a duck’s back, you can maintain your balanced energy levels.

  1. Keep Your Freewill!

In any interaction you always have the ability to maintain freewill.  Energy vampires can’t succeed in stealing your mojo unless you provide them the opening.  Although being compassionate and empathetic is a positive trait, we can’t always avoid being around toxic people.  Not all energy vampires drain people knowingly.  A loved one can be going through an emotionally trying time or in the throws of a sudden life upheaval.  Keep your wits about you and understand your personal needs and limits.  It is important for you to balance helping others with keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy.  Make sure to carve out some time to be alone and attend to self-care.  Whenever you are in public and suspect you might be encountering an energy vampire empower yourself to kindly walk away from the conversations and find some more jubilant people instead.  In all interactions, remember you are your own protector and advocate.

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