When Enough is Enough
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When Enough is Enough

Relationships are important but when they become to the point where they hurt, that is enough.  If you trust someone and they intentionally hurt you and cause you pain, chances are, you are best to move on and not go back.

You have to learn to limit yourself and to know that there are people that make mistakes and they need to be forgiven, but you also have to realize that there are times when you need to forgive but still move on.  Unhealthy relationships are not okay, and you should never be making excuses for people.

You will want people to value you and care about you, but there has to be a time where you take action.  You have to create meaning that people care about you, but you also have to know that some people will hurt you and neglect you.  You have to make sure you are able to move on and that you are not reading too much into what they are saying.  You need to see the relationship from both views.  Learn to recognize signs that the relationship needs to end, and you need to move on.

Actions and Words

Anyone can say something and not mean it here and there, everyone makes mistakes.  The problem is when it happens all of the time and someone is showing you how they really feel.

If a person continues to not call you, lies to you, doesn’t show up for your dates, instead of taking their excuses, realize that their words are deceiving and move on.


If you find that you are always defending your partner, chances are their behavior is not good.  If a friend of yours is always telling you that your partner is treating you badly, don’t get mad at them.  Don’t make them leave or yell at them.  Allow them to tell you their perspective and show you that you are more than enough.

You should never have to be treated badly and no one will better support you through it than your friend.  Listen to them and don’t dismiss them.

Your Fault

Do you have someone in your life that is always doing something that upsets you?  Do you tell yourself that they are needy and excuse what they are doing?  If your partner is always doing things and then blaming your actions for what they do, chances are they are mistreating you.

When someone cares about you, they will not fault you and they will not point out your imperfections.  When people respect you, they want you to grow and they want you to be strong.

When you are in a relationship, it needs to be with someone that treats you good.


When you feel unworthy, you find yourself in relationships where people will make you feel unworthy.  This can be a hard thing to accept but it is better to move on than it is to be in a relationship that leaves you feeling sad and confused.

If you doubt your relationship, take time to think about it and ask questions.  Treat yourself with kindness and respect and walk away when you aren’t being treated right.

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