You Deserve to be Loved
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You Deserve to be Loved

So often we feel like we have to change who we are or plead our case for love.  You should never ignore what makes you special just to get some fleeting validation.  We all possible our own unique set of gifts and cannot be all things to all people.

We are all worthy of being love for who and what are intrinsically meant to be.  No one can love an illusion.  It is not worth chasing down someone to reciprocate your love.  Love should come naturally and bring joy into your life.  It is not worth trying to date a person who cannot appreciate your essence.  Instead, love yourself and take pride in what makes you, you.

Don’t look for external validation.  When you feel secure in your skin, your beauty and confidence will radiate out.  Don’t dress to impress anyone other than yourself.  When you feel good, you will look good to others.  Don’t inquire why someone is slow to contact you.  That only serves to distract you from pursuing things you enjoy doing.

Never let alone feel you are unworthy of love.  You are!  Accept that a particular person wasn’t capable or worthy of loving you.  It doesn’t make you any less of person, in fact the loss of theirs!  Instead of ruminating about the heartache a person caused you, allow it to inspire you.  Use your feelings to better understand what you are looking for in love and renew your commitment to finding some enjoyable dates.

The goal is love to first love yourself.  Find acceptance and contentment within your own mind, body and spirit.  Listen to what the doubts are trying to tell you.  Endeavor to understand the root of your insecurities.  In time this natural confidence will exude from you and attract worthy suitors in your direction.

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